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Food4Kids (F4K) Ordering FAQs
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When are F4K orders due?

All F4K orders are due by 5pm Wednesday for pickup/delivery the following week. There is no exception to this rule.


What is the difference between "pickup" and "delivery"? Which should I choose?

If your school/district picks up our F4K orders directly from the NTFB warehouse in Plano, your order will be a pickup. If your school/district picks up your F4K orders anywhere else or has it directly delivered, your order will be a delivery.


How do I place an order online?

Your order needs to be placed in Agency Express (sometimes abbreviated as "AE" or "AE3"). You can access Agency Express here.


Once you've accessed Agency Express, you will login using your user ID (the first letter of your first name followed by your full last name), password, and program code (0024P followed by an ID number, which is your agency number and program code).



After logging in, you'll select the "Order Options" tab to begin.



Once you get to the shopping list, you can select the appropriate number of items. Please be advised that the number of bags per case may be subject to change but should always be listed in the item description.



Once you have selected all necessary items, please select "Check Out" to continue.



Next you must select your delivery method and date/time. Please keep any pre-established guidelines given by your site coordinator or F4K representative in mind when filling this out.



Once all information is filled in and a final check shows all items are listed, you will then submit your cart to finish your order.



After submitting your cart, you should receive a confirmation email showing that your order was submitted successfully.



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